Labour UK supports Havoda in fight for democracy

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Leader of UK Labour Keir Starmer spoke with Israeli Havoda Party leader Merav Michaeli and expressed his support for the Israeli pro-democracy protesters and the two spoke about strengthening ties and future cooperation (28.7.23, twitter).

This, after LFI (Labour Friends of Israel) director Michael Rubin has joined more than 100 UK Jewish community figures in signing an open letter to the Israeli government pledging their support to pro-democracy protesters opposing ministers’ power grab at the expense of Israel’s judiciary.  This, an "open letter to the Israeli government, signed by the most senior rabbis from Reform, Masorti, and Liberal synagogues around the UK, deplores 'corruption of our values' after Knesset vote" (Jewish News UK, 26.7.23) and after earlier International social democrats leader from around the world, have published a public support to Havoda fighting for democracy

"במרכזה של ההיסטוריה העברית עומד דבר הגשמת הציונות במלוא היקפה ותוכנה ... במרכזה של ההיסטוריה האנושית עומד דבר הגשמת הסוציאליזם במלוא היקפו ותוכנו"
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מאז 2004

כבר מעל 19 שנה, הבמה-הרעיונית היא כיכר העיר היחידה עבור חברי מפלגת העבודה.
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