Suspension of ties with Labour UK Chair Corbyn

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Dear Mr Corbyn,


The labor party of Israel and the Labor party UK have a long history of friendship. We remember fondly the warm relations that Prime Ministers Wilson, Blaid, and Brown had with Israel's Lbaor Party, the State of Israel, and the Jewish commiuninty in the UK, along with the ongoing visits and friendship with many Labour Party UK MP's and Labour Israel MK's.

And yet, it is my responsibilty to acknowledge the hostility that you have shown to the Jewish community and the anti-Semitic statements and actions you have allowed as Leader of the Labour Party UK. This is in addition to your very public hatred of the policies of the Govermment of the State of Israel, many of which regard the security of our citizens and actions of our soldiers - policies where the opposition and coalition in Israel are aligned.

As Israel approaches Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day this week, we are reminded of the horrors of anti-Semitisim in Europe and our commitment to combating anti-Semitism of all forms and in all places. As such, i write to inform you of the temporary suspensions of all formal relations between the Israel Labor Party and the Leader of the Labor Party UK.

While there are many areas where our respective parties can and will cooperate, we cannot retain relations with you, Leader of the Labour Party UK, while you fail to adequatly address of the anti-Semitisim within Labour Party UK.

I have informed all Labor Israel staff, Members of Knesset, and elected leaders of the Labor Party Israel of the suspension of ties with your office. I have asked the international Secretary of the Labor Party Israel to update me quarterly on this situation and should this suspension change, you will be updated accordingly.

Avi Gabbay, Chair - Labor Party Israel


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