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I wanted to write to you, Merav and all the Havoda team the best of luck for tomorrow's Knesset elections.

We understand how high the stakes are for this election. It is vital that progressive parties, led by Havoda, continue to implement much needed economic and social reform. Moreover, the prospect of an even more extreme bloc, headed by the disgraced former Prime Minister, is a cause for huge concern not only for left-wing Jews in the UK.

It is truly chilling that far-right Kahanists could become government ministers. You will hopefully have seen the recent front page of Jewish News here, voicing outrage at this prospect, spoke for many British Jews. Their values are an utter betrayal of the progressive Zionsit principles upon which the country was founded.

We know. just as in Britain, ordinary Israelis are facing a cost of living crisis, which only parties of the left can properly address. More the ever, Israel needs Havoda to be a leading voice in its Government. We wish you al b'hatzlacha and will, of course, be keenly watching the election results as they come in.

With very best wishes
jewish labour
Mike Katz, National Chair, Jewish Labour Movement

jewish labour



"התנ"ך הוא המנדט שלנו. התנך שנכתב על ידינו בשפתנו העברית ובארץ הזאת עצמה הוא־הוא המנדט שלנו"
דוד בן גוריון, מתוך עדותו בוועדת פיל 1937

הרשמה לעדכונים

מאז 2004

כבר מעל 19 שנה, הבמה-הרעיונית היא כיכר העיר היחידה עבור חברי מפלגת העבודה.
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